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This demo has several versions:

  1. CSS using scroll-timeline
  2. CSS using view-timeline

About this demo

This demo features a header bar that shrinks as you scroll down. Simultaneously, the contents of the header bar also shrink and adjust position. Furthermore, a shadow is also added to the header as it is shrinking.

The Code + Explanation

Each element that needs to be animated – the title, the header itself, the background image, etc. – has its own animation attached.

@keyframes adjust-info {
	to {
		grid-template-columns: 4em 1fr;
		gap: 1rem;
		height: 4.75rem;
@keyframes shrink-name {
	to { font-size: 1.5rem; }
@keyframes add-shadow {
	to { box-shadow: 0 5px 5px -3px rgba(0,0,0,.26); }
@keyframes move-button {
	to { translate: 0% 40%; }
@keyframes move-and-fade-background {
	to {
		translate: 0% -5%;
		scale: 0.96;
		opacity: 0.3;

.info {
	animation: adjust-info linear both;
.info h2 {
	animation: shrink-name linear both;
header {
	animation: add-shadow linear both;
#button-edit  {
	animation: move-button linear both;
.bg  {
	animation: move-and-fade-background linear both;

All of these animations are hooked onto a View Timeline that tracks the <main> element. It’s scope is hoisted up to the body using timeline-scope. That way, any child of body can access the timeline.

body {
	timeline-scope: --main;
main {
	view-timeline: --main;
.info, h2, header, #button-edit, .bg {
	animation-timeline: --main;
	animation-range: exit-crossing -11rem exit-crossing 0;

The animation-range is set to a fixed distance measured from the exit-crossing segment. They start as soon as main is 11rem from the top edge and have finished by the time the main is exactly at the top edge.


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